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Sun Moon Ruby 18
Sun Moon Ruby 18
Sun Moon Ruby 18
Sun Moon Ruby 18

Sun Moon Ruby 18

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Sun Moon Ruby 18

Ruby 18 is quickly becoming one of the most famous black teas produced in Taiwan due to its unique and memorable flavor profile. Depending on the season and terroir, hints of mint, cinnamon, red fruit, spice, malt and signature menthol-like mint greet those who are lucky enough to get their hands on this one-of-a-kind tea.

This Sun-Moon-Lake-area Ruby 18 is strong, bold and crisp. Unique, flavorful and unforgettable, it is easy to see why the Ruby 18 cultivar is becoming such a popular tea!

Elevation: 400m

Area: Yuchi, Nantou, Sun Moon Lake Area

Status: Certified Organic 

Cultivar: Ruby 18, 

Oxidization: 100%

Season: Spring, 2023

Method: Hand picked, processed on site, very small batch

Recommend Brewing Style: 3-5g per 100ml, ~95C water(205f), 30, 30, 45 then add 5-10 seconds steeps in gaiwan. Lasts 4-6 steeps.

For stronger brews they can be brewed for up to a minute at a time but be careful not to make them too strong!

***Not recommended for western style brewing***

**On a recent sourcing trip to the area that Ruby 18 was first developed, the Sun Moon Lake Area, we stumbled across an organic farm that was growing all three of these plants side by side. We were offered the chance to try them together and it was so useful and fun that we decided to offer the same experience to everyone. You can try them all together here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Delicious and fascinating!

Very good flavorful black tea!

Nata Roze
Rich Flavor, Wonderful Experience

It's got that deep, awesome flavor that's perfect for hanging out and feeling good. Hits the spot.

Rica H
Simply delicious

This is the tea, that made my formerly gongfu-sceptic partner understand, why I drink my tea the way I do and become excited whehever I ask him if he wants to join my session. And I must say, he has good taste, this tea is inded one of the finest black teas I have ever tried. Very rich and unique flavour profile, without being heavy or too astringent (brewed Gongfu style). We found this tea to be deliciously malty, with subtle honey and fruit aromas joining in the second and third infusion. in our fifth infusion, we tasted some very subtle minty notes. In total, 5g for 100ml lasted us for 6 infusions, however, I think that we could have gotten away with 8, had I not messd up the 4th (my joy and excitement over finally being able to share something that I love with someone I love were rather distracting). Upon using up my sample, I ordered a larger quantity and this tea got its own tin, which not many teas do in this household :) Definitely a new staple that is enjoyed frequently and a great pick-me-up for troubled days.

Kelly Matten

Earth and grounding at the bottom, red ripeness in the middle, cool air at the top.
This is not a tea I’d drink for deliciousness, but more to study. It seems to have a medicinal, shape shifting quality that cured my upset digestion and eased my cares of the day.

Mike A

What an interesting tea. The variety is so unique but more importantly this harvest is primo. Fresh, clean, and delicious. I was introduced to the cultivar from another great supplier. When I saw Matt was offering I swooped it because I liked it and this was way way way better in material quality and flavor. Thank you Matt for making it possible for me to enjoy.