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Wholesale Program

Mountain Stream Teas Wholesale

A huge part of our project here at Mountain Stream Teas will be our wholesale partnerships. We have not yet begun this program mostly due to the fact that we haven't started buying teas in amounts that make sense for future partners economically. We have been focusing on the highest quality teas and basically, they cost too much for wholesale! We are very conscious of the fact that our wholesale partners have to make money as well.

We are working on this situation at the moment but it is part of our mid term plan. We are hoping to launch a small but high quality batch of wholesale teas sometime in June or July 2019 and we are starting to stock pile some of these teas. 

We will be asking interested parties about which teas they would like, and at which price points, throughout this process. The goal of Mountain Stream Teas has always been to change the way the tea industry does business. We want to introduce real transparency and ethical practices into the entire supply chain and build relationships with famers and communities that are moving towards sustainable agricultural practices. Our wholesale business will be doing this as well. Thanks for your patience as we build it slowly and the right way.

If you are interested in learning more about our wholesale program when it launches throw your email into the form below and you will be among the first to know the details of what we have going. If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to let us know!