Free Worldwide Shipping On Orders Over $32 (Some Countries Not Included)

Shipping Details

Shipping Details To Your Part Of The World


Shipping is always a concern. Global conditions mean rules and fees change quickly. We at Mountain Stream Teas are constantly working to get you your tea in the quickest and most cost-efficient way possible. Our two options at the moment:


1) Standard shipping to most places (free with purchases over $32): This choice gets your package to you in about three weeks. Sometimes it takes only a week and half. For North America, Europe, the Middle East and Far East Asia it is there within a week for 75% of our customers. Some reasons for delays:

  • Canada: One in twenty packages gets checked by Canadian customs and they take a LONG time. When that happens the package takes about six weeks, not three. 
  • USA: The East Coast takes longer than the West Coast and during the holiday season the wait can get a little excessive( six weeks). Generally our tea gets delivered within 3-4 weeks to most of the Lower 48 and Hawaii.
  • Europe: Shipping times depend on customs. If they make it through it is two weeks or so, if a bureaucrat has to look at it packages it can take longer. If there are special packing instructions to help avoid excessive customs fees, please let us know. 

2) Fast Shipping: We use EMS for the fast-shipping option and they are great! It will be at your door within 3-7 business days and we have not had any problems with it yet. If you would prefer another company, let us know. 



Both our options offer tracking but the standard shipping option generally only offers tracking to the part-of-entry in the destination country and then stops. Some countries will track to the door. The fast option always tracks to your door. 



1) South America: If you are from that beautiful continent you know the mail service generally sucks. We can't offer the free shipping to you, as the packages just get lost. The fast shipping works really well, and packages usually don't get caught in customs.

2) Africa: It seems that the free shipping offer works, but takes a VERY long time and will depend on which country you are in. Send us an email and we can figure out the best shipping method together. 


If you have any more questions/comments about shipping please don't hesitate to get in touch!