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Mountain Stream Tea Subscription Service
Mountain Stream Tea Subscription Service

Mountain Stream Tea Subscription Service

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Mountain Stream Tea Subscription Service


   *** All Shipping for the subscription is free, except for a one month single box. Price includes shipping for any 3+ month purchase!***

We are looking forward to changing up the tea subscription world a bit. Every box will contain:
  • 50-60g of 3-6 different types of tea
  • A monthly 'theme' for learning, with teas chosen for a purpose like season, cultivar, processing style, age, etc.
  • A detailed lesson with information about the chosen teas and what to look for when drinking them
  • Each month will have at least one unreleased tea that you can get nowhere else.
  • A mystery tea each month to test out your tasting skills, with answers included within the box.
  • Fun surprises every once in a while that no one else has access to
  • Special discount codes and offers for subscription members only

###Deadline for each box is usually the 15th of the month. For your first purchase just let us know which box you would prefer!###

Themes For The Coming Months

  • February 2024 -- The Best Of The Year! The best teas of 2023.
  • March 2023 -- Hakka Tea Ball Deep Dive!
  • April 2024 2023 -- Fresh Spring Teas -- Lower elevation oolongs, floral scented and more!
  • May 2024 -- Fresh Spring teas from Alishan and other regions
  • June 2024 -- TBD but some fresh teas will be included for sure!

Topics might change but rest assured you will be getting the freshest tea possible!

Some important things to remember about this service:

  • You have complete flexibility on when you receive your boxes. Skip a month, receive one every other month or any combination of plans. Just let us know! (Please keep in mind that each month has a limited number of boxes and priority will be given to those who sign up first)
  • Subscriptions DO NOT renew automatically. When you are close to running out of boxes we will let you know and you will have to manually rebuy some tea boxes. This is due to Shopify Taiwan lacking access to many subscription apps. We are working on the problem and will hopefully have it fixed soon!
  • Cancel at any time for a full refund of any unsent boxes. (Service charges may apply from payment gateways)
  • Monthly 'Themes' and included product details will be announced 2-3 months in advance. If you aren't interested in a month's theme, you can skip it. 
  • When you buy three, six or 12 boxes they will arrive once a month.
  • Shipping is free for all boxes.  


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

This is is worth every penny it costs. You get several teas, one being a mystery tasting, and tasting notes, plus info on the tea itself. I signed up for 3 months to try it out and am going to sign up for more. I have only had superior quality teas from Mountain Stream so don’t hesitate if you are sitting in the fence about buying this. Highly recommended as a great way to learn about Taiwanese tea and develop your palate.

Nice service!

I subscribed 3 months, and it's in fact a lot of teas !! I didn't realise haha. They arrive really quickly and there's a good selection.

Great discoveries... sometimes something isn't really to my taste haha. I didn't the game of tasting but I appreciated the teas nonetheless .

Overall it's a nice service not too expensive and the explanations inside are nice. If I wasn't poor I would subscribe again 😆

tired mama
great tasting tea

I tried the Introduction to Taiwanese Teas Set. Prior to trying Mountain Stream Teas, I drank tea from teabags - the ones you can get in any store. After trying the loose leaf teas, I don't think I can ever go back to the teabags. These smell and taste fragrant and just plain wonderful. I have been enjoying the variety of teas in the set. Also, I received a bonus bag of tea, which was a pleasant surprise. I plan on trying the tea box subscription after finishing this set.

Mike Schwartz
Very happy

I have really enjoyed this tea subscription. It has been great to have the opportunity to try so many unique teas I would never have otherwise been exposed to. The included literate with fun quizes is a nice touch, it feels like I’ve joined a family of tea lovers

Carolyn P.
Loved the GABA subscription box!

I never realized what a variety of GABA oolong teas there were!!!! I love it!!!! And I really loved the paper Matt sent with the box, explaining about GABA teas. Very informative! Love it! Can't wait for the November box!