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*Fresh 2022 Pick In Stock* Pomelo Flower Fragrance Oolong
*Fresh 2022 Pick In Stock* Pomelo Flower Fragrance Oolong

*Fresh 2022 Pick In Stock* Pomelo Flower Fragrance Oolong

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Pomelo Flower Fragrance Oolong 

**The fresh 2022 pick is in stock and great as always. The milky thickness of this years tea is beautiful!**

Ruisui Taiwan is famous for two things, tea and pomelos. This tea is a mix of both. Fresh spring-picked milk oolong infused with the intoxicating citrus/jasmine smell of pomelo flowers. The tea and flowers are laid together, but not mixed. They are dried together but without touching. The process creates an amazing expression of spring, a rare and beautiful tea.

This tea is only made for about two weeks in the Taiwanese spring. A very limited amount of tea is made. If you would like some, it is best not to wait too long! 

While brewing this tea it is best to treat it like a green tea, with longer, cooler water steeps. If the water is too hot it can burn off the gorgeous perfume-like citrus floral notes that have been infused into this amazing tea.


Elevation: 300m

Status: Agro Chemical Free Grown

Cultivar: Jinxuan

Oxidization: 20%

Season: March 2022

Method: Hand picked, processed on site, very small batch

Region: Ruisui, Hualien

Recommend Brewing Style:

This is a very delicate tea. Make sure not to burn it with water that is too hot!

Gong Fu Style: 3-5g per 100ml, ~85-95C water, 45-second to one minute steeps in gaiwan. Lasts 3-4 steeps.

Western Style: 3g per 100ml, ~90C water for 1 minute. Lasts 3-4 steeps.



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Adam Kimbrough
A great floral tea

I, too, do not normally care for flower-scented teas but I decided to give this one a go was surprised. It has a nice sweetness to it and a great fragrance. I think the fact that it is a JinXuan cultivar is why I enjoyed it as much as I did. I agree with the description about being careful with water heat or you will ruin some citrous notes. Marco's review sums up the details of the tea well, so I won't repeat that. I won't order it again simply because flower teas aren't my favorite, but it's high quality and deserves 5 stars.

Natures Divine expression

This tea knocked my socks off. Even on Steep #5. I drank it on a cold winters day it reminded me of spring and sunshine. And tastes amazing.

It’s lovely

It’s just a lovely tea. I’ve steeped the tea for well over an hour and it doesn’t over-steep. I’ve had a lightly flavored cup to a thick liqueur and I haven’t found any tannins. It’s so flavorful but not overwhelming on the palate. I got 50g and immediately bought an additional 100g after trying one cup, gongfu style. Outstanding.

Not you typical scented tea

I'm not usually impressed with scented teas- either an artificial scent or low quality tea. This quality milk oolong blends beautifully with the gorgeous fragrance of the pomelo flowers. Light to medium weight, soft, medium finish. Hard to put the cup down.
Purchased 50g rather than just a sample due to limited quantity and availability- now out of stock- would love to buy more.
Shipping: Eight days door to door from Taiwan to Pennsylvania, US. Wow!

Truly Intoxicating

A quality JinXuan with an exceptionally floral bouquet, this is what scented teas should aspire to be. Silky smooth mouthfeel with flavor that doesn’t give up after several steeps, and floral without being one-note. This is definitely one to keep an eye on when it comes into stock.