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Old Master Baozhong(2023 Pick Available)
Old Master Baozhong(2023 Pick Available)
Old Master Baozhong(2023 Pick Available)
Old Master Baozhong(2023 Pick Available)
Old Master Baozhong(2023 Pick Available)

Old Master Baozhong(2023 Pick Available)

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Old Master Baozhong And Green Tea

2023 marks the 5th year in a row that we have been have been lucky enough to carry this wonderful tea. 2023’s pick is no different than any of the many years that we have been lucky enough to drink this legendary Baozhong. It is a spectacular mix of fresh grass, buttery floral and lingering sweet peach. There is a good reason that ‘connections’ are the only way to get this tea. 

Made by Wang You Li, one of our favorite tea masters in Pinglin, this BaoZhong is deep, rich, sweet and full. Processed in the old style with all the perfections and imperfections intact, this is a connoisseur's tea. Every year, we are only able to get a small amount of the limited production run of this amazing tea. It is requested by so many that it is rationed. We are proud every year to be able to share with people outside of Taiwan!

This year we have again managed to get a small amount of green tea made from the same material as the Baozhong. It tastes amazingly similar to a Japanese Sencha, but with an unmistakably Taiwanese soul...

**This tea is produced in very small amounts and is released to the email list first.**

Elevation: 400-500m

Status: Certified Organic

Cultivar: JinXuan, QinXin

Season: Spring, 2023

Oxidization: 10%, 1%

Method: Hand/Machine picked, processed on site, very small batch

Region: Pinglin, New Taipei City

Recommend Brewing Style:

Gong Fu Style: 3-5g per 100ml, ~90C water, 30, 45, 60 then add 5-10 seconds steeps in gaiwan. Lasts 4-5 steeps.

Western Style: 3g per 100ml, ~90c water for 2 minutes. Lasts 2-3 steeps. 


Customer Reviews

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rudi hermawan

Brief (5-10 seconds) steeps in 90 Celsius water.
Liquor is almost clear with a pale and light yellow color that has a hint of greenish hue.
Taste is smooth, buttery, and has a gentle sweet aftertaste with a floral note.
Medium mouthfeel with stickiness around the lips, no astringency.
Wet leaves are freshly green with a mix of medium dan dark tones of green, giving off a slightly sweet funky-fruity-floral aroma.
Flavor strength starts to mellow down by the 4th infusion, thus best to steep longer from here onwards.
A longer (1-minute) steep gives a deeper yellow hue to the liquor color and a longer finish on the aftertaste, and still no astringency, though you'll notice there is a slight 'green-taste' note there.
Overall, this is a flavorful baozhong with a clean taste.

Wonderful Tea

This baozhong is very fresh, sweet and full. Great quality tea as always.

Interesting umami packed oolong

This is pretty interesting and quite unlike other baozhongs I have tried. The dry leaf smells grassy with a buttery shortbread note. The wet leaves have a notable marine umami scent (I may be mad but I can't shake that it smells like salmon to me), floral tones and a hint of passion fruit. The liquor is umami in a seaweedy sort of way merging with buttery, floral and sweet flavours. The after taste is very fresh majoring on the floral notes. Overall, quite different from other baozhongs and I've had. Very tasty and whilst the tasting notes I've given might sound discordant it comes together well.

Magnificent Bao Zhong

Received some as a sample and fell in love with its gentle, fragrant, flavorful, almost sweet character. Found it sold out when I went to order more and hope that it'll be back for 2023.

Another wonderful creation from the "Old Master" series of teas.

The aquatic veggie notes from both the 2022 baozhong and green teas open up into sweet buttery goodness. While I thoroughly enjoy both teas as sipping beverages, I can easily see the green tea used as the base for a brothy soup. These teas are multi-taskers! So happy I got my hands on this year's batch.