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Mountain Stream Tea Subscription Service

Mountain Stream Tea Subscription Service

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Mountain Stream Teaducation Subscription Service


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We are looking forward to changing up the tea subscription world a bit. Every box will contain:
  • 50-60g of 3-4 different types of tea
  • A monthly 'theme' for learning with teas chosen for a purpose like season, cultivar, processing style, age, etc.
  • A detailed lesson with information about the chosen teas and what to look for when drinking them
  • Each month will have at least one unreleased tea that you can get nowhere else.
  • A price that will always be under the European tax limit
  • A mystery tea each month to test out your tasting skills with answers included within the box.
  •  Fun surprises every once in a while that no one else has access to
  • Special discount codes and offers for subscription members only

###Deadline for each box is usually the 15th of the month. For your first purchase just let us know which box you would prefer!###

Themes For The Coming Months

  • January -- Winter time teas -- understanding the rich, cold weather teas that make this season so sought after in the tea market
  • February -- Tea And Coffee Terroir -- Can you taste the similarities between a coffee and a tea grown in the same place by the same master?
  • March -- The Year's Best Teas -- March is our anniversary month and for this month we will sample some of the most popular and well received teas of the past year.
  • April -- What Makes An Oolong -- A study of different styles of processing oolong tea from lightly oxidized ball rolled to higher oxidized 'strip' oolongs
  • May -- Grading Teas -- Most likely Baozhong but will have to depend on the spring weather for tea genre
  • June -- Spring Teas -- Get a first taste of the many beautiful spring teas

Some important things to remember about this service:

  • You have complete flexibility on when you receive your boxes. Skip a month, receive one every other month or any combination of plans. Just let us know! (Please keep in mind that each month has a limited number of boxes and priority will be given to those that sign up first)
  • Subscriptions DO NOT renew automatically. When you are close to running out of boxes we will let you know and you will have to manually rebuy some tea boxes. This is due to Shopify Taiwan lacking access to many subscription apps. We are working on the problem and will hopefully have it fixed soon!
  • Cancel at any time for a full refund of any unsent boxes. (Service charges may apply from payment gateways)
  • Monthly 'Themes' and included product details will be announced 2-3 months in advance. If you aren't interested in a month's theme, you can skip it. 
  • When you buy 3, 6 or 12 boxes they will arrive once a month.
  • Shipping is free for all boxes.  





Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Great variety and information. Really good box, my only gripe being that I would have preferred slightly larger packets - it ran out too soon! Otherwise the best tea box I have received.

A wonderful experience!

I received the February box, which came with two different coffees and two different teas from the same farms, which made for an exciting experiment in tasting how terroir affects tea and coffee. I also loved the mystery tea, which was not only fun to guess, but also was an interesting tea that I never would have tried on my own.


I signed up for this subscribtion out of curiousity and my love for tea. I did not expect anything mindblowing, but I was immensely mistaken. This subscribtion is educational, fun, engaging and DELICIOUS.
I am looking forward to the months to come!



Best Subscription Around

I've subscribed to several beverage subscriptions and THIS is by far the best! Educational, engaging and keeps me excited for the next month. You can see the labor of love that Matt puts into each box. The whole process of tea making is highlighted with this service which makes it soar above the rest out there. As they say, "HIGHLY RECOMMEND."