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Small Leaf Chrysanthemum Flower Herbal Tea/Tisane
Small Leaf Chrysanthemum Flower Herbal Tea/Tisane
Small Leaf Chrysanthemum Flower Herbal Tea/Tisane
Small Leaf Chrysanthemum Flower Herbal Tea/Tisane
Small Leaf Chrysanthemum Flower Herbal Tea/Tisane

Small Leaf Chrysanthemum Flower Herbal Tea/Tisane

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 Chrysanthemum Flower

Herbal Tea/Tisane

**Fresh 2024 harvest in stock!

While the tea plants are sleeping in the winter tea farmers always seem to find a way to stay busy. This herbal tea is made from flowers picked in early January 2024 at one of our partner farms in the unique terroir of the costal mountain range of eastern Taiwan. The flowers are picked by skilled tea pickers and dried in tea roasters under very low heat. Nothing else is done to them, they are picked and dried and ready to drink! The flowers are a little known, small leaf and small flower variety of chrysanthemums that make a wonderful herbal tea. There is no bitterness to speak of when brewing this gorgeous tea.

Chrysanthemum flowers are in the Daisy family have been consumed in China for thousands of years for many reasons (which we are not allowed to mention here but Google might know). This particular variety is rather rare and unique and it offers a strong but smooth tea even when brewed a long time. Getting herbal teas this fresh is rare. While these flowers will keep well for a year or more, if you want to try them it is better to get them sooner rather than later to understand what fresh Chrysanthemum tea can truly taste like.

**Like all our teas, there are no added flavors, colors or chemicals in this tea. All flavors are completely natural and additive-free!**

Elevation: 800m

Status: Agrochemical free

Cultivar: Small Leaf Chrysanthemum(Chrysanthemum indicum)

Season: January, 2024

Method: Hand picked, processed on site, very small batch

Region: Rueishuei, Hualien

Recommend Brewing Style:

We have experimented with one gram in 150ml of boiling water and it gave us three decent five-minute steeps. How best to brew it is up to you but keep in mind they are strong!

**This herbal tea is unapologetically more expensive than many other Chrysanthemum products on the market. While more expensive than many other herbals teas, it is also more potent and only 1g of flowers will go a long way! It is grown from a rare and beautiful small leaf variety and the quality level is unmatched. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Barbara S.
Lovely Taste, Great Effect

This tea is incredibly good. I have, up to this point, drank chamomile teas in the evenings when I needed a relaxing moment. I find this tea is pretty similar in taste to good, fresh chamomile. It has a bright, almost minty quality to it, but it retains a lot of that warm, buttery distinct plant taste. With a cup or two in the evenings, I find it soothes my nerves just enough to help wind down. I'm glad I bought so much of this tea, as I'm sure it'll last a while, and I'm happy it will!

Taesik Yun
Sweetest chrysanthemum

No sharp scent at all. it's just a mild, fragrant, sweet chrysanthemum that soothes my nerve. when it's too late to drink tea, this one satisfies my thirst. feel very therapeutic right upon sipping!

Jade Chia

Flowers are fragrant. They got enhanced when I mixed them with Jasmine green tea

Marc Jacobson


Buyer be aware the appariting effects.

One moment you think you were taking a sniff into the tea bag, next moment you find yourself standing on the flower field where these were picked.

Growing up as a kid trying to avoid (bitter) tea and worn glasses, I had my fair share of this flower tea. Never thought dried flowers could smell and taste this fresh and packed with such strong fragrance! Now with some wild gojiberry from the deep of my freezer maybe one day my eyes will sparkle as they said.

On a serious note this is really high quality flower that I hope to see it become a regular product!