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The Converter -- Taiwanese Assamica Red Oolong

The Converter -- Taiwanese Assamica Red Oolong

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The Converter

Taiwanese Assamica Red Oolong

**The 2021 winter production was amazing! The weather was perfect, the leaves full and healthy, and the temperature was just cold enough to create a very special tea. While similar to the already wonderful teas made at this farm in the past, it is more oolong than black tea, and it is the first time we have ever tasted a Taiwanese Assamica Floral note!**

We named this tea for its potential power of 'converting' those who know and love the classic 'Lipton' black tea flavor to higher-quality stuff. Or at least we hope it can! Made with an Assamica cultivar imported into Taiwan by the Japanese 100 years ago, the tea is instantly recognizable as similar to the vast majority of black tea bags. BUT, it is made into a high-quality tea. As a tea that is ball rolled, it has the familiar strong malty kick of tea bags but without the bitterness or astringency. Instantly familiar, and instantly recognizable as of being higher quality, this tea has no pretensions of being anything other than a great, solid, assamica tea.

If you do choose to try to 'convert' a heavy teabag drinker to some higher quality loose leaf, agrochemical-free stuff using this tea please let us know how it goes. If there is a special occasion or event and you want to try it out, let us know and we most likely can give you some tea at cost. Good luck :) 

**One of the only teas on the site to which it is fine, and even encouraged, to add milk and sugar:)**

Other teas from this garden: Wild Cultivar Oolong (Eastern Camellia Formosensis)

Elevation: 300m

Status: Certified Organic

Cultivar: Assamica

Oxidization: 90%

Season: December 2021

Method: Hand picked, processed on site, very small batch

Region: Luye, Taidong

Recommend Brewing Style:

Gong Fu Style: 3-5g per 100ml, ~100C water, 30, 45, 60 then add 5-10 seconds steeps in gaiwan. Lasts 4-5 steeps.

Western Style: 3g per 100ml, ~100c water for 3 minutes. Lasts 2-3 steeps.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Matt's description is on point. So much so that I did a side by side comparison with Lipton and the converter is indeed the premium, refined and incredibly satisfying counterpart. An absolute must have for anyone who enjoys a good black tea.

Joe Kralovich
Consider me converted.

What a wonderful surprise! Quickly became my daily go-to tea during these final weeks of the school year. Impressive flavor that lasts over many steepings throughout the day. Highly recommended.

Odd, good tea

I remember my reaction when I first had this tea, "Tastes like Lipton? But... good?". Very different from other Taiwanese black teas, where this has an incredibly strong body, while still having plenty of subtle notes that linger. Highly suggest this for any black tea fan.

Deep, satisfying flavor

If you enjoy full-flavored teas, this one is for you. I love the toasted, malty profile of this tea. It's my cool weather favorite. But I can be found drinking this year-round when the mood strikes!

Adrian Halter
Superb daily drinker

All very much as per Matt’s description - lovely malty notes, full tea spoon lasts 3 good steeps. Perfect with a drop of milk, have not tried sugar yet (waiting for a cold foggy winter morning) but I could easily see it as a “the citron” with a slice of lemon