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Honey Fragrance Black Tea (Spring 2021 In Stock!)
Honey Fragrance Black Tea (Spring 2021 In Stock!)
Honey Fragrance Black Tea (Spring 2021 In Stock!)
Honey Fragrance Black Tea (Spring 2021 In Stock!)

Honey Fragrance Black Tea (Spring 2021 In Stock!)

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Honey Fragrance Black Tea


This beautiful, delicate tea has been bitten by the green leaf hopper early enough in its growth cycle to create the sensual sweet honey notes that the name implies. These teas need to be grown in an organic environment to allow the bugs freedom to bite the young tea buds to produce this classic tea. The east coast of Taiwan consistently produces the best-of-the-best Honey Fragrance Black Tea and our partner farm is famous for its consistent wins in the annual tea competitions. 

**Like all our teas, there are no added flavors, colors or chemicals in this tea. All flavors are completely natural and additive-free!**

Elevation: 300m

Status: Agrochemical Free Farming

Cultivar: Jinxuan/BigLeaf Oolong Mix

Oxidization: 100%

Season: May 2021

Method: Hand picked, processed on site, very small batch

Region: Rueishuei, Hualien

Recommend Brewing Style:

Gong Fu Style: 3-5g per 100ml, ~90C water, 30, 45, 60 then add 5-10 seconds steeps in gaiwan. Lasts 4-5 steeps.

Western Style: 3g per 100ml, ~90c water for 2 minutes. Lasts 2-3 steeps






Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Naturally sweet and mild

This black tea is a treat to drink. I love the subtle sweetness and how mild tasting it is. No bitterness here. Just pure deliciousness!

Ben Wagle
Great stuff!

This tea is very good. I’m practicing my gongfu brewing and from the third brew one I’m getting consistently light and smooth cups every time. Will keep practicing and can’t wait to try the others!

Anthony X.
Just the right balance

I love the subtle sweetness that comes through when you take that initial sip. You can definitely taste the honey notes. In addition, the bitterness is not overpowering and gives it a nice full flavor.

Good everyday tea

The taste is right for the price. I'm usually not a black tea drinker, but this would make for a good everyday morning tea. I gave it 4 stars because the flavor wasn't as developed as I would have preferred, but it's possible that I need to blame the water I'm currently stuck using, as it seems to have a poor silica and/or sodium profile.

Amazing Tea

What an amazing tea. Honey sweetness is very evident and absolutely delicious. When brewed in gaiwan and the taste gradually evolves through multiple steeps