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Sanxia Black Tea
Sanxia Black Tea
Sanxia Black Tea
Sanxia Black Tea
Sanxia Black Tea

Sanxia Black Tea

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 Sanxia Black Tea

Made from a heritage variety cultivar famous for green tea, this fragrant, fruity black is a real treat. Delicate and sweet, the dark fruit upfront gives way to the strength of a summer-picked black tea without becoming bitter or astringent. Made from a bud-heavy pick, the rich and full flavor of this tea punches high above its price point. 

Produced at a new partner farm only 20 minutes from downtown Taipei in one of the oldest tea growing areas of Taiwan, this tea is made in the traditional way by a tea master in his 80s. Each leaf is plucked by hand (No finger blades are even used!) and each batch of tea is tiny. This style of tea production is extremely rare as the teas produced in this fashion do not serve the current Asian Market taste points for tea, namely strong, bitter and predictable flavors. Each batch processed this way is slightly different, and the strength of these teas is in the subtle lasting sweetness, deep flavors and smooth drinkability of traditionally made tea. We are happy to support farmers still making tea in this old, delicate style.

Elevation: 400m

Status: Organic Certified

Cultivar: Qingxin Gan Zhong ( Rare Heritage Variety)

Season: August 28th, 2023

Method: Hand picked, processed on site, very small batch

Oxidization: 100%

Region: Sanxia, New Taipei City

Recommend Brewing Style:

Gong Fu Style: 5g per 100ml, ~95C(205f) water, 30, 45, 60 then add 5-10 seconds steeps in gaiwan. Lasts 3-4 steeps.

Western Style: 5g per 100ml, ~95C(205f) water for 1-2 minute. Lasts 2-3 steeps



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Lewis Faull
Super fruity

Such a unique black tea. Bright summer fruits, wood resin and malt. Thick mouthfeel. Really enjoyable.

Andrew R.
Great Warming Comfort Tea

I love this black tea so much. The flavor is warming and comforting, and I find that I can easily drink this tea in the evenings without having any issues falling asleep. This was my second time purchasing, and I'm glad I did.

Karen Blaha
A favorite for years

I first tried this tea in 2019 when it was part of the Tea Subscription box as Green Heart Black tea. I loved it then, and it's remained a favorite ever since. It has a really distinct flavor that shines through, recognizable each year.

Joyce Czarny
Best black tea

This is how good black tea can taste.
I like this tea also for how clean it is.
Actually, all of Mountain stream teas are clean. I don't spill the first brew.

Fragrant higher note with warm, sweet definitely black tea taste

Aroma of Sanxia black tea, together with its look and feel - were all quite not what I anticipated, only there were even better - new, interesting combination of flavours and ever gently changing intensity. I love the tannic and sweet taste at the end of brewing session. The first brew was a wonderful experience in itself. May thanks to the Tea Master!