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Spring Harvest Drought Impact Update

There has been a dearth of rain this spring in many parts of Taiwan. Some areas are heavily affected, while others have mostly been doing fine.

The east coast (both above and below 1000m) is doing fine if a little dry. Higher elevations are doing ok, maybe on the dry edge of normal. The cold snap we had mixed with some rain might mean a fantastic tasting, slightly below average yield, 2021 harvest.

Most high mountain gardens that we've been in touch with are doing fine, but the 'wild left,' or very low intervention, gardens are looking at no spring crop at all this year.

There absolutely are some farmers suffering, but they are in the lower, dryer plains areas of Taoyuan/Miaoli and some areas of Nantou. No one we source from has stopped harvesting or been strongly impacted.

Drought in Taiwan is highly unusual. It can build slowly and seriously for a long time, but usually, one big rain 'fixes' it for a couple of months.

Not to say it can't get very bad in some areas of the west side of the island, but the relief usually comes before long. That being said, we haven't had a large typhoon hit the island for 4 years, and that has never happened in recorded history. If one of those big rain events doesn't hit us soon, there will be some population centers and farms that will be hard-hit.

Lala shan had an amazing spring pick, and we will let you know more about the Alishan, and Shan Linxi harvests soon.

We will keep you up to date!

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