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Nanhu Mountain Eastern Beauty Oolong
Nanhu Mountain Eastern Beauty Oolong
Nanhu Mountain Eastern Beauty Oolong
Nanhu Mountain Eastern Beauty Oolong

Nanhu Mountain Eastern Beauty Oolong

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Nanhu Mountain Eastern Beauty Oolong

**The 2021 version of this tea is gorgeous, but due to the summer drought only 2kg in total was produced, so we could only get our hands on 600g!**

After almost three years sourcing tea in Taiwan full time we have finally found an Eastern Beauty Oolong worthy of the name. And, the high price tag. Grown at 1400m above sea level at a very new tea-growing area called Nanhu Dashan in North Central Taiwan, this tea is like no other Eastern Beauty we have ever tried.

The entire experience of this tea is beautiful, from the rich, soft smell of the dry leaves to the apricot florals of the brew itself, to the drying, rock-like, finish in the later steeps due to the rare granite terroir. From beginning to end it is an amazingly memorable tea. Masterfully crafted by a gifted Tea Master, we are proud to support people that make teas such as this one. (See Video Below For The Story Of This Tea)

Eastern, or Oriental, Beauty Oolongs are highly sought-after teas in both the local Taiwanese and international markets. Floral, soft, fruity and sweet, these bug-bitten mid-high oxidized oolongs are the favorite of many for good reason!

This tea is one of the most expensive we have ever had on the site and we were able to acquire only 600g of it. We are proud to share this rare and exceptional tea. 

Elevation: 1400m

Status:  Agrochemical Free 

Cultivar: Qinxin Oolong

Oxidization: 65%, 

Season: Late Summer 2021

Method: Hand picked, processed on site, micro batch

Region: Nanhu Dashan, Ilan County

Recommend Brewing Style:

Gong Fu Style: 3-5g per 100ml, 95C water(205f), 30, 45, 60 then add 5-10 seconds steeps in gaiwan. Lasts 4-5 steeps.

Western Style: 3g per 100ml, 100c water for 2 minutes. Lasts 2-3 steeps





Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Honey dreams

I love this tea very much. One of the best bug bitten oolongs I have had. Whenever I need a pick me up I drink this tea and feel like I'm in heaven.

Allan Waters

Thank you

The best tea I’ve ever had!

The delicate rose flavor is to die for, absolutely incredible tea.

Nanhu Mountain

I was a little bit dubious because this is a very expensive tea especially being so young and from such young trees, I was also not convinced they hadn't recently clear felled rainforest to make the growing area nevertheless it is not always easy to get good clean Oriental Beauty so tried some.

The tea is very fine. There is a nice mix of young leaves with many young buds. Flavours are pleasant but not like other things I have tasted so do not have words to compare, starting with savoury fruit notes which fall away to more subtle flavours with a bittersweet hint in the background lasting throughout. Some milkiness later on. Aroma is 'mineraly' and for some reason riveresque.

The tea penetrates deeply and floats to the top of the mouth like helium dissolving into the ether on swallowing becoming more upward moving, brightening the eyes with a smile and then penetrating all extremities.

Most teas are better shared and this is definitely true here, though perhaps not with just anyone. Qi is powerful and light, clear and breezy, noticeably yang, making this tea good for summertime though a bright and sunny autumn or spring day would likely be good too, perhaps in some sunny glade of a young wood or amongst the reeds and flowers of a riverbank. The autumn picking with young buds and leaves perhaps helps create this unusual mix of qualities.

If the Wind in the Willows was a tea this could be it - youthful, social and lazy but with an energy, strength and seriousness.

Ideally I'd have a big bag of this and drink it along beautiful riversides all summer long though the cost is a little prohibitive as is often the case with high quality or rare teas.

Gemma Henderson

A luxury tea. Nose wet leaf for me was fresh, ripe, kiwi fruits and tropical pandan and longan/lychee notes. Very strong, very well rounded. On the palate I definitely feel sweet stewed apricots. Mouthfeel is huge, very creamy note balance the stewed fruity flavours but it goes down lightly like a gel Asian desert. A full on banger of a tea, worth the price of admission!