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Wild (probably not) Ancient Tree Raw(Sheng) Puer 2017

Wild (probably not) Ancient Tree Raw(Sheng) Puer 2017

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Wild Ailao Sheng Puer


*** New information about the source material of this tea has come to light and it looks like this is a great example of the dubious marketing of teas from China. This tea almost certainly does not come from ‘ancient trees’. Alas, we at Mountain Stream Teas bought into some dubious marketing ourselves. This tea is not that special, just a decent and affordable entry level example of some wild Ailao Mountain Sheng. The only good news is that it is priced right about where it should be for this type of tea. We took a chance with this source and it is the only tea source on the site that we haven’t personally been to. Looks like we messed the rhetoric up. Sorry about that and we will vet any new Chinese much harder before we bring any other puer teas to the the site!***


Original description:

One of the more special teas that we carry, the leaves from this tea are harvested from wild tea trees on the border of the Ailao Mountain National Forest Reserve, home to some of the oldest wild tea trees in the world. A deep and thick tea, the earthy floral notes are reminiscent of some Taiwanese oolongs. Grounding, calming and energizing it is a great tea to accompany you in the office. 


Elevation: 1550-2000m

Status: Tested Chemical-Free

Cultivar:  probably not ancient but probably still wild tea trees 

Season: Spring 2017

Method: Raw(Sheng) Puer

Region: Ailao Mountain, Yunnan Province, China

Recommend Brewing Style: 3-5g per 100ml, ~100C water, 5-15 second flash steeps in gaiwan. Lasts 15-20 steeps.

***Not recommended for western style brewing***


Customer Reviews

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This the first raw puerh that I've had that has almost a bbq taste. It's very interesting but perhaps not for me. I recommend trying a sample before going ham.

A young puerh that feels older then it is

I'm relatively new to puerh, but all the young puerhs I've tried had a young taste to them.
This one doesn't. It's earthy, which is a taste I've only had with older ones.
And it is very enjoyable..

I'm actually thinking of buying a whole cake for ageing..

Sheng Strength

A thicker sheng with a creamy mouthfeel and classic campfire essence. The 500+-year-old trees humble you through this tea.


The leaf material is surprisingly darker than I expected in a 2017 cake! That's a good thing!! Has that nice puerh sweet spiciness that slowly diminishes into a nice sweet flavor for many infusions. Out of about 6ish grams, I got a good 9 infusions before color lightened up and many more subtle sweet infusions beyond that. I'm no puerh expert, but out of the raw puerhs I've tried this definitely seems to be a decent quality one and worth picking up a whole cake for the price!