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Monthly Subscriptions

We'd Like To Try Something A Little Different

At Mountain Stream Teas we have done our research about tea subscriptions and we have found them a little lacking. We want to shake things up a bit. Our ideas are still taking shape but our subscription box will have elements like this:

  • 3-4 different teas with total amount of tea in the 60g-90g range
  • AT LEAST one tea a month that is unique to the subscription box
  • Monthly compare and contrast selection of two or more teas to help with Teaducation ex/ cultivars, seasons, terrior, grading
  • A blind tasting sample tea that will have only brewing instructions(with the reveal on youtube the 15th of every month)
  • A mix of white, green, oolong, black and puer(although monthly choices will not necessarily include all 4!)
  • Monthly tea ware or tea tool inclusions. Nothing special but a fun surprise each month. 
  • AT LEAST one tea that is just released and as fresh a tea as you can get.
  • A price point below 30US$ a month
  • Either an October or November 2018 launch

Sometimes we find teas that are so rare that we can only get our hands a small amount. Other times we are able to get our hands on a couple amazing teas that are so useful for learning about tea but don't know how to share them. This subscription model is a way to share these teas in a sustainable and fun way and make a little money doing it as well!

We have a favor to ask however. If you are interested in this tea subscription service please let us know by filling out the form below. And when you do that, can you check the boxes that you would most love to see in a subscription service? And if you have any other ideas can you let us know? We are still finalizing details and want to create the best possible subscription box for this awesome and amazing tea community. Thanks!