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Monthly Subscriptions

We'd Like To Try Something A Little Different


***The first month's subscription boxes are all sold out! Any subscriptions bought right now will start in April. We will be launching the subscription service to the general public sometime in mid/late March. Thanks everyone for your support as we get this service started up!***

At Mountain Stream Teas we have done our research about tea subscriptions and we have found them a little lacking. We want to shake things up a bit.

Every box will contain:
  • 50-70g of 3-4 different types of tea
  • A monthly 'theme' for learning with teas chosen for a purpose like season, cultivar, processing style, age, etc.
  • A detailed lesson with information about the chosen teas and what to look for when drinking them
  • Each month will have at least one unreleased tea that you can get no where else.
  • Information Cards for each tea and a monthly Youtube Video describing the teas, how best to drink them and what to look for with each one
  • An introduction and interview write up with one of our partner farmers each month
  • A price that will always be under the European tax limit
  • A mystery tea each month to test out your tasting skills with answers included within the box.
  • Fun surprises every once in a while that no one else has access to, like limited release aged teas, tea tools and tea garden rocks(Yes, really!)
  • Special discount codes and offers for subscription members only

Sometimes we find teas that are so rare that we can only get our hands a small amount. Other times we are able to get our hands on a couple amazing teas that are so useful for learning about tea but don't know how to share them. This is the best way we can think of to share these teas! 

The first themes have been chosen. More details of the teas in the boxes will be announced soon but the first 6 months of the subscription are taking shape:

  • March: Winter Teas - What makes a tea taste of winter? Cold weather oolongs and the 'winter pick' taste profile
  • April: Grading and Judging Honey Fragrance Black Teas - Three different grades of the classic black tea with tasting notes and insight on what it means to be a 'competition tea'
  • May: Taiwanese Roasts** - Three different styles of Taiwanese Roasted teas with differing levels and styles of roast from Dong Ding to Taiwanese Yancha
  • June: The Taste of Spring** - A selection of fresh spring teas chosen for a purpose, either altitude, cultivar or terroir
  • July: Tea and Flowers** - Pomelo, orange blossom, rose, osmanthus! This month we will choose three teas that are naturally scented with a local flower. 
  • August: Taiwanese Sheng - Sample a selection of this spring's 'post-fermented' teas and help us choose the direction this brand new tea style will take

** These month's themes may shift as spring teas become available

If you are interested in this tea subscription service please let us know by filling out the form below. Thanks and watch this space!