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The 5and5 Program

Support Your Favorite Blogger


Even before I started Mountain Stream Teas I wanted to create a way for people to monetize their passions if they wanted to. Most people don’t believe that they can and are surrounded by people who tell them that it is impossible. I have always wanted to support people that are trying to make a career from what makes them excited in life.  Now that Mountain Stream Teas is up and running I hope that we can create a space to make it possible. The 5and5 Program is the first step in that direction and we are happy to introduce something a little different that might help some content creators make their passion a career. 

Matt Hopkins
Mountain Stream Teas

July 31st, 2018

Intro To The 5and5 Program 

We at Mountain Stream Teas are not comfortable with giving out free tea to bloggers or paying for sponsored posts. We would also like our content creator partners to have the opportunity to create something once and have a residual income from it forever. Trying to solve those problems is how we came up with the '5and5 Program'. It is a mix between tipping or Patreon and gives a consumer the ability to support someone that has created content that they enjoy and get something in return for doing so! No special sign up is needed and content creators will get some support every time their code is used. 


How It Works:

Content creators buy tea and create content. Nothing is free and there will be no 'sponsored posts'. Each member of the program will have a unique code that will give customers 5% off their purchase. When a customer uses the code during a purchase 5% of their total sale goes to the content creator either in cash or tea while the consumer gets 5% off their purchase. We will take 10% off the total price of the purchase and split it between the consumer and the content creator! 


Meet Our Partners

Tasting Teas - Tasting Teas is the project of tea reviewer and blogger Megan Bristow. From relaxed tea reviews and tea trips, to exploring a burgeoning artisan Scottish tea industry, all videos and blog posts are intended to share experiences and love of tea.

Teadrunkblog - Tea is more than just a drink, it is a way of life! And Blogger Leonard from teadrunkblog is here to take you on a journey to discover the beauty of tea, sharing it with tealovers form all over the world. So come, let's get drunk - with tea!

Dariusvue - Darius invites you to look through his eyes. Where drinking tea is an experience of awareness, a moment of capturing the taste and the world around it. Enjoy the honesty of the perfection and imperfection of tea. Enjoy the view!
Interested in Joining the program or know someone who is? Drop us a line here or click that little contact us button in the bottom left corner of the page. Thanks!