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#20 Cultivar Oolong

#20 Cultivar Oolong

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 #20 Cultivar Oolong


Our spring restock of this oolong is a great expression of this newer tea cultivar's uniqueness. A notoriously hard to grow tea plant, the #20 cultivar is known for its rich, sweet florals and buttery mouthfeel. Originally designed for Baozhong, this tea is now being widely planted throughout Taiwan. This spring pick is a strong and delicate example of the unique character of the #20 cultivar, once described as 'like baking bread in a meadow'. Whether the tea will taste quite like that is a little subjective but we are sure it won't disappoint! A favorite for many, this tea's recognizable taste is a great one for those that are new to high quality oolongs as the taste points are easy to pull out and the 'creamy' nature of the tea is undeniable.



Elevation: 400m

Status: Certified Organic

Cultivar: TRES #20, Welcoming Fragrance

Season: Spring 2019

Method: Hand picked, processed on site, very small batch

Oxidization: 25%

Region: Mingjian, Nantou

Recommend Brewing Style:

Gong Fu Style: 3-5g per 100ml, ~100C water, 30, 45, 60 then add 5-10 seconds steeps in gaiwan. Lasts 5-6 steeps.

Western Style: 3g per 100ml, ~100c water for 1 minute. Lasts 2-3 steeps



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A really good Light Oolong

This tea compares well to some good high-mountains Oolongs I have!
Even though it is a new cultivar it isn't a big change in direction, unlike the Ruby 18 (which is outlandish).
Highly Recommended !

a special, special tea

A very distinct floral oolong with a creamy sweetness that supports it. A unique oolong for sure. Give it a try!
--Note: Make the most out of the brews! The young leaves don't go forever haha.
......I assure you, the tea is well worth it.

A Delightful Green Oolong

Dry leaf smells highly sweet and short infusions brewed in the gongfu style yield a nice translucent green changing to a more yellow green as the steeps go on. The texture is like a nice thin milk and the flavor yields a really good floral sweetness. An absolute delight!