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Ruby 18 Black Tea
Ruby 18 Black Tea

Ruby 18 Black Tea

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Ruby 18 Black Tea


Classic Ruby 18 with a twist! This east coast grown Ruby 18 is lacking the strong bitter astringency that comes with the licorice-mint-menthol notes of this cultivar becoming more famous by the day. This tea is much softer up front, with the typical Ruby 18 notes unmistakable in the back of your palate. A great tea for beginners or those that love the Ruby 18 Cultivar!

**Like all our teas, there are no added flavors, colors or chemicals in this tea. All flavors are completely natural and chemical-free!**

Elevation: 300m

Status: Agrochemical free farming, uncertified 

Cultivar: Ruby 18

Oxidization: 100%

Season: March 12th, 2020

Method: Hand picked, processed on site, very small batch

Recommend Brewing Style: 3-5g per 100ml, ~90C water, 30, 30, 45 then add 5-10 seconds steeps in gaiwan. Lasts 4-6 steeps.

***Not recommended for western style brewing***



Customer Reviews

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a nice distinctive tea to add to your collection

this ruby 18 gives a relatively gentle rounded taste, while keeping the distinct menthol-licorice notes.
I've only had another, that at first seemed "higher quality" because it had strong aroma and taste, but it came with pronounced bitterness and astringency..

as stressed in the info- ONLY make this with gong-fu brewing.. otherwise it's brutal

A well rounded Ruby 18 black!

The distinct Ruby 18 cultivar flavors are more rounded in this tea than others I've had. I found the dry leaf to be super fragrant with a honey like sweetness. The infused leaves yielded a deep orange/red liquor with smells of tobacco and leather. The taste was a cool mint, sweet syrup juiciness!